Monday 27 April 2009

Farm Visit

This weekend saw the visit here of the Pennine and Bingley Goat Society, from Yorkshire. These are a group of people who have an abiding interest and wealth of knowledge about goats. Their secretary, Elaine contacted us months ago, and, it being such a long way away we had no hesitation in saying yes. Well the visit crept up on us rather quickly, and before we knew it they were here. Literally. We were expecting visitors at 12-30, and due to a clear run over the pennines on the M62, they were here at 10-30. We were still in our scruff and had barely finished feeding. Following a cup of tea and a brief talk we set of to look at the goats. I learned a lot in the next few hours. They had a wealth of knowledge which they were only too happy to share with a young lad who has only had goats for a few years. All I can say is thank you.
We then went back to the house for goat burgers and tea. We were joined by Lola, the bottle fed kid who made herself at home in the garden. Unfortunately our 2 year old got a bit keen, and she (the goat) was squirted with tomato ketchup. This resulted in a few passers by stopping at the house to tell us we had a goat that had been hit by a car, as blood and tomato ketchup look very similar!!
We have a farm open day, here on June 7th as part of 'open farm sunday'. This visit was a good practise run and we are now a little more confident ahead of the big day.

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like fun! How did the open farm day go? Good I hope!