Friday 17 April 2009

Back Again

Hi, it seems like ages since my last post. The reasons being a mix of being really busy and not getting around to it. More the latter than the former if truth be told. Today has been a super day.

Kidding seems to finally be over, with nothing been born for a week. Things have gone ok and we are planning to get at least some of the goats out this weekend. Some have been out for a few weeks, getting out in the morning when I feed them and then I let them in at night. We have got the Pennine and Bingley Goat group coming to visit on Sunday and having visitors is a good incentive to have a tidy up. I am looking forwards to the visit and sharing the day with them.

Today we have had several customers from London, Manchester, Congleton and Gloucester who have travelled a long way to be here and to buy our meat. I have also had someone buy some hay for me at the local market. The farmer we bought it off delivered it here on a trailer behind his car, and as he pulled onto the yard Lyndon, from Gloucester was just about to leave. I told the farmer, Geoff to wait and follow me to the sheds, about quarter of a mile away to unload. Lyndon jumped into his car to go home, I jumped into the JCB to unload. Lyndon pulled away, down the road, and the load of hay followed him... At this point there was not a lot could be done, except wait and wait and wait.
I did at one point ring Lyndon to find if my load of hay was still following him.Half an hour later the hay reappeared, grumbling that he could not keep up and it seemed like a mighty long quarter of a mile. He did see the funny side, eventually.

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