Tuesday 13 January 2009

Butchery News

We have spent the last few weeks getting the processing and butchery side of the farm right, and thought you would enjoy some pictures of the meat we produce, and of Marnie, who runs that side of the farm.

Kid goat selection, chops, diced and leg

Marnie and her produce

Marnie in the cold room with some kid goat

Last Saturday was our local farmers market. This is it's second month, and I have been involved in setting up and running the market. this month was pretty cold, and at one time the temperature probe for the meat read -9 degrees!
Goats are kidding well and we have also cleaned out their pens so they are clean and warm. The manure has been spread on the land to provide fertilizer for the grass we will make hay with in the summer.
Over the last few months Angela Ion, from Romania has been helping us with the children. She is going back home for a holiday tomorrow and will be greatly missed by us all. Hurry back Angela.

Finally an introduction to a great friend of ours, Hector who took these fine photos, in our front room.

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Jennifer said...

Nice pictures! Looks good!