Tuesday 20 January 2009

The Literary Goat

Every two weeks the local Mobile Library comes to visit our farm. For a bookworm, like me it is a highlight of the week. Books are far better than the TV as they allow your mind to build a picture of the story, in a way that film never can. As our children have got older they have all come with me, and now the girls are at School, only Douglas comes during term time, ie today.

The library parks in our yard, right next to some of the goats;

and today one of the kids decided it was time to pay a visit.

She was a bit of a hit and managed to behave herself perfectly. Her plan is to go back in two weeks to return the book she borrowed...


Jennifer said...

How neat! We don't have anything like that around here. There is a library in town of course but a mobile one would be nice!

Bethany said...

I enjoyed your blog. What a silly, cute baby! :-)