Saturday 22 November 2008

Ugandan Visitors

Yesterday we had some visitors from Uganda(these things never happened when we milked cows). They were here on an exchange visit with Dolen Ffermio (farming link), the welsh branch of the Farmers World Network which promotes links between farmers in the North and South. The visitors were Moses, a teacher, Emmanuel who runs the kumi orphan project along with Miriam and their Welsh hosts Prof Emyr Owen and Veteranarian Lorna Brown from Liverpool vet school. They had left behind a hot and dry winter for cold and wet Cheshire. We found that they are using Boers to improve their native small african breed, who average 7.5 kg at slaughter to 18-19kg when crossed with the boer.

Pictured are Moses, Emmanuel Miriam & Lorna in one of our barns. They were an inspirational group of people and it was fascinating to spend time with them. What they are acheiving is making a huge difference to the people and the land in Uganda. We wish them every success.

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Jennifer said...

What interesting visitors they must have been. We have been selling our meat wethers live weight to another person that then sells them to an ethnic market in the city, so we don't get very many interesting ethnic visitors to our farm yet. Hopefully that will change when we have more meat wethers to market directly from our farm.