Wednesday 12 November 2008

Good goat links

Today was a day away from the farm. Having been a dairy farmer for more years than I care to remember I have over the years got involved with some farming organizations. One of these is the RABDF or the royal association of british dairy farmers. We organise the Dairy Event at Stoneleigh, in Warwickshire every September and lots of farm walks, as well as some lobbying. Later this month, on the 26th we have a goat farm walk on a dairy farm in Staffordshire. All are welcome, and the link for details is

This led me to think of some good links to go with this blog.
The first is an article about Marnie and I in the Farmers Guardian this summer. We were up for the best farm entrepreneur 2008, in an award sponsored by Waitrose. In the finish we came second to the really garlicky company, from northern Scotland. You don't mind coming second, when the winners are so good. The picture shows the judges visiting, as well as a shot of Judge Danusia holding one of our kid goats.

The link for this story is

Next up is an article sent to us by my cousin Sue in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This is a story about Bill Ninman, who had a large beef operation and has walked away to go into goats on the pacific coast in California.

The final link also comes from the USA, but this time, Texas and is the story of a

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