Saturday 8 November 2008

Today has been a fun day on the farm as we have had students from the local agricultural college here to look at the goats.

They spent the morning at the college learning about the theory of keeping goats, then came here for a practical session. We looked at the animals and showed them what the various breeds look like, Nubian, Saanan, Boer and Angora. We looked at how to vaccinate the goats,what to feed them, how to fence them in the fields. Then we had chosen some goats that needed their feet trimming and everyone had a go at least once.

The picture shows Mark, the lecturer showing the students how to trim feet.

While they were here my cousin came to visit, and you can see the family playing with the goats

Finally we came into the house and had goat sausages inna bun, I felt like CMOT Dibber from the Terry Pratchett books!

Marnie has been selling on Stafford farmers market today and is on her way home now, cold and tired. I definitely got the better deal today. We have had lots of visitors, sunshine, a lovely autumn day!

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Jennifer said...

Hi! I wanted to stop by your blog and say thanks for visiting mine. I have enjoyed reading yours this morning. I am going to add your blog to the list of ones I visit as I would like to come back and read how your meat goat business is going. We also are raising meat goats here in the U.S. Nice pictures!